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The Kinetic Torch app turns your Iphone into a torch.

It is the easiest to use and most practical torch in the AppStore, and the only one we could find that uses the built in accelerometer to detect when the torch has stopped moving. Find more info on here mobile phone recycling.

Trying to find your way to bed without waking your partner or check on a sleeping child? Just tap Kinetic Torch, it starts up instantly and will automatically dim when you place it down beside your bed. Feel free to read more On Recycle comparison site .

•Instant startup
•Brightest white light
•Can automatically dim when no movement detected
•Ability to configure automatic dimming (enable/disable/set timer)
•Calibrate movement detection
New in v1.2:
•Proximity detection (plus enable/disable switch)
When your Kinetic Torch has dimmed, you can now brighten it again with a simple swipe of your hand over your iPhone, without actually having to touch the phone! This feature is not supported on iPod Touch.